Accessorise For Those Clueless Vibes

Wearing alllll the matching pink tartan accessories, is a real Clueless vibe we are in love with! Matching your facemask to your oversized scrunchie, is stage one. If you want to level up; pop on your pink tartan scrunchie hoop earrings and detachable frilly collar

All facemasks are double layer with adjustable elastic ties and are shaped to sit flush against the sides of your cheeks.

The oversized scrunchies will not disappear into your messy bun, that’s what’s so fun about it being oversized - they will make a statement!

Want something really unique, the new scrunchie hoop earrings are it!



Yes - I know what you're thinking, but I'd like more matching accessories! You're in luck, Custard Cloth also do a Pink tartan headband and Scrunchie handle bag! Winning! 

Custard Cloth - All handmade in London.