Custard Cloth 2nd Birthday Party

Honestly, I just needed an excuse to throw a Custard Cloth party!

Ever since starting Custard Cloth in lockdown 2020 a good friend suggested once things ease, I should throw a late-launch party. The party was a late-launch/2 year birthday party/Sundaze Collection launch party...

I also just wanted all my favourite people in a room together - in a year I thought I might have been getting married, but tragically I was widowed, I thought I'll throw myself a party with those I love and celebrate me and my small business! I also wanted to meet all the incredible people I've only ever spoken to on social media who have supported me through everything - the kindness of strangers, really proves humanity isn't all bad!

Will the help of Blush and Luxe PR who organised the whole event, and She Wolf Hair Care an epic night was created, at Never Forever in North London. 

She Wolf styled almost everyone's hair with a free Custard Cloth scrunchie. The kindest, most talented, sweetest man I have evert met!

So many incredible small businesses gifted items to add to our goody bags! I also gave an speech eek!