Doing It For Jamie

Jan 28th '21 I lost the love of my life, my beautiful Jamie. Our future together stolen, life feels pointless without you. The greatest person I will ever know, I will love you forever. 'We found the stars, you and I' - Elio.

Since the tragedy of Jamie losing his life, I've temporarily closed Custard Cloth. My life will never be the same and I'm starting to re-build day by day. 2020 was a tough year with jobs and with the amazing support of Jamie I started Custard Cloth. 

It's hard to put pen to paper to say all the amazing things I want to about Jamie, so for this post I just wanted to share how Jamie supported me with my business and dream of having my own brand. His emotional support day to day and encouragement have gone from him being present and here - to his voice in my head, I have to keep going because I know he will be cheering me on from wherever he is right now. 

Having each other in lockdown made us work colleagues too, so he really was there for all of it. He was my tech support, emotional support, my photographer and general 'can you help me do this thingy please!'

This photo makes me laugh so much, one of my first instagram snaps, 'Jamie can you help me hold this'.. no questions asked, of course he holds and says 'hurry up, my arms are hurting' I hurry up but not before taking this one of him following my ridiculous request. 


These photo's were taken the day after facemasks were made mandatory in shops and I roped Jamie in to help me cut mask elastics, Jamie being an engineering mind was determined to work out a way to cut many in one go. 

This was one of those days my boards weren't playing ball and I just ask Jamie to hold my boards, which of course he does, makes my heart melt!

Now Jamie has shown me many times how to do my mailing list email outs, but I still found myself calling, 'Jamieeee...just show me one more time', this is me sitting on this lap whilst he shows me for the last time how to do my mail outs (so far I've retained all of his teachings). 

Jamie told me I should write blogs to improve my SEO's - so here I am writing a blog, we just never imagined this would be one of them.

I still tell him the iron is hot even though he's not there. Custard Cloth re-opens tomorrow. 

Doing it one day at a time for Jamie. 


Jamie died of a subarachnoid haemorrhage. Please read Jamie's story and donate if you can: