Skin Care Routine

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In this blog post I've asked my South London gal Gabi, to talk us through her skin care routine. In my early days of grief, I discovered having a skin care routine has many benefits - mental as well as physical and I thought this might help inspire others too! If you've ever checked out Gabi's Instagram @gabihavens, you'll know she has flawless skin - I love it when I spy Gabi doing her make-up/skin care with a Custard Cloth headband holding her hair back 🙂

It goes without saying of course that what works for one person may not work for another, but if you're like me you'll appreciate a bit of direction. So, let's dive in!

A day in the life of the gorgeous Gabi's skin care routine.

First of all Gabi, please tell us a bit about you.

Q. What do you do and what kind of content do you like to share on your socials?

A: Hello Custard Cloth lovers! Please let me introduce myself, I am @gabihavens and I am a professional make-up and hair artist working in the TV and Film industry. From make-up, wigs and wefts to skincare, fashion and products; I love it all! I have two handles on Instagram so I can express my love for fashion and makeup on one page and my professional work on the other! I love sharing “how to” videos and try to share snippets of my knowledge in my industry including everyday make-up and hair tips.

Q. What would you say your skin type is?

A. I have combination skin which means it is both dry and oily in places. For me, I try to keep my moisture up and my hydration to a maximum. 

Q. What's your morning skin care routine?

A: For the morning, I tend to keep my routine simple as I don’t want to over cleanse and strip your skins natural balances. I wash my face with water, moisturise well, spf (always) and then put on light make-up for my day in the make-up department.

Q. What's your evening skin care routine and how often do you do it? 

A: I take my make-up off with cleanser and water, this is where I will double cleanse as I find spf can really clog your pores so a double cleanse is essential to make sure you’re ridding your skin of any nasties!

I use a body shop camomile cleansing balm which melts your make-up off, the less pulling and tugging the better!

Q. What's your favourite product?

A: I love bioderma micellar water, sounds simple but it’s refreshing, light weight and works quick and efficiently which I need when I’m on pre-dawn make-up calls! 

Q. What are your top tips for do's and dont's?

A. This will be something you have definitely heard before but…

Drink loads of water and don’t pick your spots however great the temptation!

Use a cosrx hyaluronic spot sticker to help you out!

Q. Do you have any treat/self-care type products you use- like a good facemask? 

A: I love a Sisley face mask, this feels luxurious and I feel it really makes you appreciate that moment and living in the present even if it is in the form of a 10 minute face mask! Life can be so complicated so anything to make you feel like the best b*tch you can be is worth it!

Q. Other than improving your skin, would you say having a good skin care routine helps with other aspects? Like improved sleep or a happier mindset?

A: Yes for sure, I think routine in any aspect of your life is great for grounding you and recharging for the day ahead. So find any routine that works for you and get pampering!

Q. Do you have anything in your routine you would consider sustainable? 

A: I use a face cloth that I wash after each use which keeps your foot print on the environment that little bit smaller! I always try and recycle any packaging I accumulate too, it’s the little things we can do to help.

Thanks so much to Gabi for answering these questions! I hope you can find something helpful here for you! Take some time for you, you deserve it!

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CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Once you've used your make-up removal pads, you can pop them in the pouch bag and chuck them in the wash altogether! 


*Myself and Gabi do not endorse these skin care products, this is not an Ad, please check all product labels to check suitability before using.