The New Spring Summer Collection

It's been awhile in the making, I started designing this collection in December/January and I'm so excited to finally get it out there! The first drop is now available to shop, I designed the collection in bright, happy and hopeful colours to look to the future of socially distanced picnics in spring and the easing of restrictions this summer. 

I designed two of my own printed fabrics for the first time in Custard Cloth history! We have Checkerboard Cosmos - which is what it says on the tin really, a bright red and pink checkerboard pattern with flowers throughout.


Next we have Summer Fruits - nothing says summer more than gingham, making you want to get that picnic blanket out and M&S spread (yes - we deserve M&S)! I chose lilac and orange for this design, with a scattering of fruit and flowers. 

I also couldn't resist the Gingham Gal collection, a locally sourced fabric in classic gingham, super easy to dress up any outfit to your picnic date or even ANOTHER zoom call!

My personal favs are the gingham scrunchie hoop earrings! I hope you love the collection as much as I enjoyed designing it!