The Scrunchie Handle Bag

This one hasn’t had a proper introduction... let me tell you about; The Scrunchie Handle bag. Scrunchie handles (indeed scrunchie everything), is really having its moment right now.
When I had the idea to make this bag, the fabric couldn’t arrive quick enough. I was soo excited to make it and in classic Custard Cloth fashion, there had to be some fabric/colour-blocking.
My scrunchie handle bag received so much love it makes my heart burst, it feels great when you love something and it is so well received!
If you saw my Instagram stories or lives, you would have heard my tell you how soft the scrunchie handles feel and importantly that you could fit a bottle of wine inside - just to help you gauge the size ya know!
The tartan scrunchie handle bags have almost sold out, but don’t worry they are coming back in the most beautiful spring/summer prints - again I cannot wait to make them and introduce you to them!
Handmade in London. Custard Cloth